Frucom is a well-established supplier of frozen and ambient ingredients to the food industry in the UK and Europe. The range of products they supply, and the number of sources from which these products originate, are truly remarkable.

They are most renowned for trading Chinese Garlic and Onions, Indian Chillies, and Chinese Ginger. Nevertheless, over recent years, Frucom has also cultivated robust relationships with farms, producers, and processing plants worldwide.

A prime exemplar of this, is Thailand. Rob Dukes, Frucom’s owner, has personally invested time and effort in establishing connections and ties with local farmers. Over time, he has fostered a relationship with Mark Harrison, MD of Rock Oil, a frozen ingredient supplier, who proves invaluable on-site due to his fluent Thai and excellent relationships with the farmers and factories. Whenever issues have arised, Mark’s presence has assured that resolutions are reached without the involvement of third parties.

Thailand is renowned for its diverse range of tropical fruits and vegetables, many of which may be less readily available elsewhere. This encompasses exotic fruits such as dragon fruit and jackfruit, as well as a variety of vegetables integral to Thai cuisine, including lime leaf, water chestnuts, lemongrass, Thai basil, and galangal.

Due to the country’s climate and agricultural practices, fruits and vegetables in Thailand are often fresher compared to imported produce elsewhere. Local markets frequently procure directly from nearby farms, ensuring freshness and flavour.

Purchasing locally grown fruits and vegetables supports local farmers and the economy, promotes sustainable agricultural practices, and helps preserve the cultural heritage associated with Thai agriculture. Frucom has invested in machinery for processing plants and land to cultivate its own ingredients.

In addition to ensuring the highest quality and competitive prices, Frucom has collaborated with farmers to attain The GlobalGap certification (in the case of lemongrass, galangal, and lime leaf) and BRC standards.

Shopping for fruits and vegetables in Thailand presents an opportunity to expand its uses in the culinary industry. These products can be used not only in Asian cuisine but also in bakery, catering, juice, and smoothie industries. Discovering new ingredients can lead to incorporating them into cooking in many innovative ways.

Frucom is the sole supplier of frozen, diced Purple dragon fruit in the UK. This presentation offers extended shelf life and is ready for use in pre-packed smoothie packs, yogurts, desserts, summer salad dressings, and more.

Frucom’s commitment to excellence in bulk supply is exemplified by its provision of premium frozen foodstuff to the food industry. By offering tailored solutions, bulk supply, streamlined processes, and a dedication to quality, Frucom empowers commercial kitchens and factories to deliver exceptional final products. As businesses in the food industry navigate the complexities of their operations, Frucom stands as a reliable partner.

For a full product portfolio, or for further details regarding pricing, technical information or availability please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Manager Henry Eva –

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