What benefits does bulk frozen ginger offer businesses in the food industry?

Bulk supply of frozen ginger presents businesses with a convenient, time-saving solution, as the ginger comes pre-prepared, eliminating the need for labour-intensive peeling and chopping.

How does Frucom maintain the consistency and quality of frozen ginger for businesses?

Frucom upholds stringent quality standards by sourcing premium ginger, utilising advanced freezing technology, and subjecting each batch to comprehensive quality checks.

What quantities frozen ginger does Frucom supply to businesses?

Frucom caters specifically to businesses by offering Ginger in either 10kg cases or 690kg pallet-cons.

Can businesses benefit from an extended shelf life with Frucom’s frozen ginger?

Yes, all of Frucom’s Frozen Ginger comes with a minimum of 2-years shelf-life from the production date.

How versatile is frozen ginger for businesses in large-scale culinary applications?

Frozen ginger is exceptionally versatile, seamlessly integrating into a wide range of dishes such as starters, soups, stir-fries, and baked goods, providing businesses with flexibility in menu creation.

How can frozen ginger from Frucom assist businesses in reducing food waste?

Frucom’s frozen ginger is pre-prepared and perfectly portioned, minimising excess, and significantly reducing the likelihood of food waste in commercial kitchens.

What efficiency benefits does frozen ginger bring to large-scale catering businesses?

Large-scale catering services can enhance efficiency with frozen ginger, saving valuable time and ensuring consistent flavour profiles across a variety of dishes.

What are the minimum order quantities for Frozen Ginger?

Frucom can either offer full container deliveries, full pallet deliveries (600-800kg), mixed pallet deliveries with other products or small order of 100kg with separate transport charges.

What countries do Frucom supply frozen ginger from?

We currently supply Ginger from China & Peru.

What formats can Frucom supply frozen ginger in?

Frucom can supply frozen ginger either whole peeled, in 0-6mm dices or as a puree tablet.

What are the lead-times to order frozen ginger?

Subject to order size there is a 10-12 week lead-time for containers from China or 5-10 day lead-time from stock, subject to availability.

For a full product portfolio, or for further details regarding pricing, technical information or availability please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Manager Henry Eva – henry@frucom.co.uk.

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