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Frucom’s Frozen Garlic: A Culinary Revolution for Bulk Buyers

In the competitive landscape of the frozen food industry, Frucom stands out as a key player, consistently delivering innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses. One such offering from Frucom is their bulk supply of frozen garlic, that addresses the demands of professional kitchens, catering services, and food manufacturers. Tailored for industry, Frucom’s frozen garlic streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and maintains the high standards of quality that businesses require.

I.Q.F Whole Peeled Garlic

I.Q.F Whole Peeled Frozen Garlic

Net Unit Weight10kg
DeclarationGarlic Puree 98%, Acid Max 2%, Ph 3.2-3.7
Shelf Life24 months (minimum 6 months on delivery)
1 Pallet700kg
I.Q.F Garlic Puree Tablets

I.Q.F Frozen Garlic Puree Tablets

Net Unit Weight10kg
Declaration100% Garlic Puree
Tablet Weight15-25g
Dimensions5cm / 3cm / 1.5cm
Shelf Life24 months (minimum 6 months on delivery)
1 Pallet630kg
I.Q.F 4mm Diced Garlic

I.Q.F 4mm Diced Frozen Garlic

Net Unit Weight10kg
Declaration100% Garlic
Shelf Life24 months (minimum 6 months on delivery)
1 Pallet700kg

Meeting the Needs of Bulk Buyers

Understanding the unique requirements of businesses, Frucom has positioned itself as a reliable supplier of frozen garlic in bulk quantities. This strategic move caters to the demands of restaurants, catering services, and food manufacturers that operate on a larger scale, ensuring a seamless integration of this essential ingredient into their production processes.

The convenience of bulk packaging allows businesses to optimize their workflow, reducing the time and resources spent on peeling, mincing, and storing fresh garlic. Frucom’s commitment to delivering a consistent, high-quality product underscores its dedication to supporting the efficiency and success of its business clients.

Streamlining Operations

For professional kitchens and food manufacturers, time is of the essence. Frucom’s frozen garlic eliminates the labour-intensive tasks associated with fresh garlic, providing a ready-to-use solution that significantly streamlines kitchen operations. This not only saves valuable time but also allows chefs and production teams to focus on culinary creativity and the overall quality of their offerings.

The controlled portions in bulk packaging ensure that businesses can manage their inventory effectively, minimizing waste and maximizing cost efficiency. Frucom’s commitment to streamlining operations aligns with the dynamic needs of businesses, enabling them to meet the demands of their customers without compromising on the freshness and flavour of garlic.

Preserving Quality at Scale

Maintaining the quality of ingredients at scale is a challenge that Frucom has successfully addressed with its frozen garlic. The advanced freezing technology employed by Frucom preserves the natural flavours, aromas, and nutritional benefits of garlic, even in large quantities. This ensures that businesses can consistently deliver dishes or products that meet the high standards expected by their customers.

The preservation of quality extends to the convenience of Frucom’s bulk packaging, allowing businesses to receive and store frozen garlic efficiently. Whether used as a primary ingredient or a flavour enhancer, the integrity of Frucom’s frozen garlic remains intact, ensuring a reliable and consistent culinary experience for businesses and their clientele.

Customised Solutions for the Food Industry

Frucom’s dedication to understanding the unique needs of the food industry is evident in its provision of customised solutions. The industrial supply of frozen garlic is a testament to Frucom’s commitment to supporting businesses in the culinary sector. By offering a product that caters specifically to the requirements of buyers, Frucom enhances the overall efficiency, reliability, and profitability of its clients.


Frucom’s frozen garlic represents a strategic innovation that aligns with the demands of businesses in the food industry. As a trusted supplier, Frucom not only provides a convenient and time-saving solution but also maintains the quality and freshness of garlic at scale. For professional kitchens, catering services, and food manufacturers, Frucom’s frozen garlic is not just an ingredient; it’s a tailored solution that supports the success and growth of businesses in the ever-evolving culinary landscape.

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