What are the packaging options available for frozen garlic?

We offer bulk packaging options such 10kg blue poly-lined bags, packed in cardboard cases. We can offer on pallet lots or full container loads if volumes allow.

Can Frucom provide custom packaging solutions for large-scale orders of frozen garlic?

Yes, we can work with the client’s request to provide custom packaging solutions that meet specific volume and storage requirements.

What is the minimum order quantity for frozen garlic?

Our minimum order quantities are based on full pallet deliveries – smaller orders can be worked on, but will be subject to separate transport and picking charges.

How does Frucom ensure consistent quality and flavour in large quantities of frozen garlic for commercial use?

Our quality control processes are designed to maintain consistency across large batches. We employ strict quality checks and freezing methods to ensure the integrity of our frozen garlic.

Are there volume-based discounts or pricing structures available for bulk purchasers?

Yes, we offer competitive pricing and volume-based discounts for bulk purchasers. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs and receive a customised quote.

Can Frucom accommodate special requests for customisation in terms of garlic varieties or processing methods for bulk orders?

We understand the unique needs of bulk purchasers and can work with you to accommodate special requests for garlic varieties, processing methods, or any other customisation requirements

What is the lead time for bulk orders of frozen garlic?

The lead time for bulk orders depends on factors such as order quantity and customisation requirements. Our sales team can provide you with accurate lead time estimates based on your specific needs.

Does Frucom offer logistics support for the transportation and delivery of bulk orders of frozen garlic?

Yes, we provide comprehensive logistics support to ensure timely and efficient delivery of bulk orders. Our team can assist with shipping arrangements and address any specific delivery requirements.

Can Frucom provide product specifications and certifications for regulatory compliance in the food industry?

Absolutely, we can provide detailed product specifications and necessary certifications to meet regulatory standards for the food industry. Our commitment is to deliver products of the highest quality and safety.

How does Frucom support bulk purchasers in managing inventory and optimising storage for frozen garlic products?

We work closely with clients to develop inventory management solutions and provide guidance on optimising storage conditions to maximise the shelf life and quality of our products

For a full product portfolio, or for further details regarding pricing, technical information or availability please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Manager Henry Eva – henry@frucom.co.uk.

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