About Frucom

We pride ourselves on quality, service and old fashioned values

Our History

  • Established 22 years, We are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Exotic Frozen Produce, we pride ourselves on quality, service and old fashioned values
  • By only working with long standing, trusted production facilities around the World, our own fully accredited technical team ensures that our produce is in spec, on time, every time.

Frucom have been supplying our Company for over 15 years. During that time we have received excellent service and competitive prices.

Paul Denney

Head of Procurement, Addo Food Group

Frucom have proved market leaders and have brought  innovation and added value to Kerrys  NPD department by sourcing new and bespoke exotic produce for use in Industry.

Sunit Purandare

Executive Chef, Kerry Foods

Environmental Considerations

  • We are actively working with suppliers to switch them to blanching to minimise chemical usage for cleaning incoming raw materials
  • We have switched numerous customers from using fresh chillies and this in turn reduces the carbon footprint for their products.
  • Where possible we work with suppliers to minimise the pesticides used on the crops that we buy

Years established

Corporate clients around the world

Tonnes of product shipped

Frozen ingredients experts

Quality Guaranteed

  • Full Risk assessment system of all suppliers
  • All products we source are traceable back to the field
  • All suppliers are audited and have international Quality Certifications
  • All our products are Non GMO

Sedex - Frucom

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