Frucom is now stocking and supplying IQF Sieved Persian Lime Juice Tablets of Colombian origin.

We have spent many months working closely alongside our supplier and their farmers in Colombia, to develop and ensure a high-quality product. This has included regular trips and visits to the factory site and farms, to audit and inspect the raw materials, site facilities and production processes. The factory site in Roldanillo is HACCP accredited and we were very impressed with the set-up upon our numerous visits.

The Limes are farmed and harvested in Mariquita in the Tolima region of Colombia, where the hot and humid weather assists their growth. They are then transported to the factory in Roldanillo, where they are washed, halved, juiced, sieved and then poured into moulds & frozen as tablets. The tablets are then packed in 10kg cases and loaded onto containers for shipment to the UK. All the tablets are tested for micros and pesticides by a 3rd party lab in Europe pre-shipment.

For more detailed product information, please visit the Frozen Fruit product page. For further information regarding pricing, technical & availability, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team by completing an enquiry form on the Contact Us page.


Lime Farm

Lime farm in Mariquita, Tolima

Lime Trees

Lime trees

Persian Limes

Harvested Persian Limes

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