Chillies - Dices, Rings & More

Chillies - Dices, Rings & More

We supply a wide range of Frozen and Ambient Chillies from around the world. These range from Ambient Chipotle Mash through to IQF 3mm Diced Red Scotch Bonnet to add mouth tingling flavours to all manner of sauces and cuisines.

Thai Lemon Grass, Galangal & More

Thai Lemon Grass, Galangal & More

We stock a range of authentic Thai ingredients such as Milled Lemon Grass, Lime Leaves and Galangal as well as Kaffir Lime Zest and Juice tablets

Chinese Ginger, Garlic & More

Chinese Ginger, Garlic & More

Working with F2F fork approved farms we stock a wide range of Ginger and Garlic as dices, purees, Whole Peeled, Sliced. We are also now able to offer Frozen Spanish Garlic Puree and Dices as an alternative to our Chinese frozen Garlic.

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  • Both Frozen and Ambient formats
  • Fully accredited factories and full traceability
  • Wide range of varieties from India, the Far East and the Americas

Frucom have been supplying our Company for over 15 years. During that time we have received excellent service and competitive prices.

Paul Denney

Head of Procurement, Addo Food Group

Frucom have proved market leaders and have brought  innovation and added value to Kerrys  NPD department by sourcing new and bespoke exotic produce for use in Industry.

Sunit Purandare

Executive Chef, Kerry Foods

Frozen Chiilies
Frozen Ginger
Frozen Lemongrass
Frozen Onions

Thai Frozen Ingredients

  • Fully Accredited and audited farms and factory
  • Unique range of frozen Kaffir Lime products

Years established

Corporate clients around the world

Tonnes of product shipped

Frozen ingredients experts

Chinese Frozen Ingredients

  • Marks & Spencer Field to Fork approval for our Ginger and Garlic farm
  • Wide range of different cut sizes available

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